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A Walk Through the Mind

Oct 31, 2023

A Rivian R1T truck won an off-road competition over the course of 8 days and 2500 km; and, to charge the truck, a company brought out hydrogen powered electric generators.  This competition requires the use of paper maps, compass, and rulers - no GPS allowed.
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Oct 24, 2023

Recent international events in the eastern Mediterranean have sparked protests here at American universities in support of one side or the other, with personal blows being dealt to students' carreers.  I would like to embrace some of the universities' previous stances on fixing problem.

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Oct 17, 2023

When we go out and buy a new tool, do we aim for the cheapest tool available or the most expensive tool out there?  Is there a balance to seek between the investment and the overall outcome?  Can we do our best job with the cheapest tool available, or is the investment in a higher priced brand worth...

Oct 10, 2023

The latest jobs report is out!  336 Thousand jobs have been added back to the economy!  A large portion are back into the hospitality business.  We are approaching pre-pandemic levels of employment!


Oct 3, 2023

Mushrooms are the crossover species between the animal and plant kingdoms.  From delicious to poisionous to psychedelic, they hold many properties that effect us from one layer to another.  Are the psychedelic properties just as important as the edible properties?

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