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A Walk Through the Mind

Oct 28, 2021

Washington State's vaccine mandate for State employees has taken effect, and people have lost their jobs standing up for what they believe in. From state troopers, fire fighters, paramedics, ferry workers, snow plow drivers, and more. They all lost their livelihoods, standing up for something they believe in. As I look...

Oct 21, 2021

A mother of an IL school takes the school board to task on the information she has uncovered. This episode has been released to amplify her voice along with episode 172, “Children – To Mask or Unmask.”


Oct 14, 2021

The Maricopa County audit has stirred quite the ruccus in the media lately. Regardless of who won in the county, the audit has shown there were some significant anomolies within this election. Jokes of politicians, of both parties, cheating have been abound since time in memorium, and stereotypes contain some kernal of...

Oct 7, 2021

The greater Seattle area is growing more and more. The further people move out, the more they want to be able to get to downtown Seattle, and creativity kicks in on getting people to where they want to go. From a rather expensive train to just a simple walking/biking trail, the government comes in and takes what it will...