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A Walk Through the Mind

Feb 24, 2022

Here in Washington, we are finally lifting our masking and proof-of-vaccine requirements. This isn't the first time we've attempted to get rid of masks. Are we even ready to get rid of them? What trauma has endured, on both sides, that will push us one way or the other?

Executive Producer: Sir Sean of the Allegheny...

Feb 17, 2022

A collection of truckers in Canada began a convoy to protest the mandates in Canada for crossing the border. As they traveled, they gathered more and more people to support their cause. While it may appear as this is only a Canadian thing, it has gone world wide; the push back of excessive mandates from...

Feb 10, 2022

With such a large move ahead of me, some advice that was given to me was "only pack what you need." How do we define "need?" From cookware to furniture; knick-nacks to clothing. What do we really need on a regular basis? A house is a great place to start to collect all sorts of things that we think we need, but in a...

Feb 3, 2022

As we go through life, we build bridges in our communications with others. But at times, these bridges break down or become not worth maintaining; how do we decide the final outcome for these?