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A Walk Through the Mind

May 28, 2020

Have you been enjoying your Coronacation? Is it time to get back to work? Find that new sense of normal? We've been inundated with information in regards to this new virus. Where do we make previsions for how it all is to unfold back into society? Can we all be adults and respect spaces, or must we be corraled in order to prevent further infections? Is there a chance the numbers have been inflated?

Executive Producer:

WA State Fudging numbers:

MN Senator says death count may be off:

Businesses Fighting Back:

Bakersfield Doctors removed from YouTube:

Other People claiming faulty numbers:

Post 2008 collapse suicide study:

Modifying Virus:

Sound Clips:

Chicago Mayor:

Joe Rogan:

Local Radio show. Interview regarding Hydroxycholorquine starts at 2:30, goes for 23 minutes: