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A Walk Through the Mind

Jun 18, 2020

Due to the death of George Floyd, leading to the spark of protests to riots, a section of downtown Seattle has barricaded itsself into it's own policed zone. An act of protest to push reforms within police departments and city involvment. Where does this standoff end? How do we push and advance negotioations? How does a society live within a society?

Rollin Stones Free Concert:

Demands of the people in CHAZ:

Self Policing in CHAZ:

Seattle PO on individual's rights 2020-05-07:

Jay Inslee's on CHAZ

Gary Johnson on Aleppo:

Moe Factz #27

Seattle Police chief closing down the department 2020-06-11.
Time Stamp: 21:04-21:34

Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette on Checkpoints and Extorsion 2020-06-11